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Find the Best Cyber Security Jobs for Beginners in United States


We Make It Our Job To Help You Get Certified and Remain Compliant! 

Executive Roles

Our executive search recruiters know the importance of finding and bringing in the right C-level cybersecurity practitioner for your agency. At CWF365, our executive search team understands the impact that the right cybersecurity leader can make. We hire people to occupy the following executive roles:

  • Chief Information Security Officer

  • Vice President, Cybersecurity

  • Chief Security Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

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Mid Level Management

Our depth of business relationships allows us to find the best mid-level security roles for your organization. We find professionals for the following positions:

  • Director of Cybersecurity

  • Sr. Director of Cybersecurity

  • Associate Director of Cyber/Information Security

  • Director of Security & Compliance

  • Director of IT Audit

  • IT Audit Manager

  • Information Security Manager

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Senior Security Engineer/Archetect

We provide highly qualified cybersecurity professionals for positions such as:​ 

  • Sr. Security Engineers

  • Sr Cloud Security Analysts

  • Sr Cloud Security Engineers

  • Cybersecurity Engineers

  • Sr Cybersecurity Assessors


IT Auditors

We recruit new college graduates who have no experience to occupy these roles in IT audit and compliance:

  • IT Auditor

  • IT Compliance Analyst

  • Third-Party/Vendor Compliance Analyst

  • Third-Party Risk Analyst

Digital Forensics & Incident Response 

Our DFIR search team helps clients fill roles in: 

  • Computer Forensics Analysts/Examiners

  • Cyber Incident Handlers

  • Cybercrime Analysts

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Trainee/Entry-level Cybersecurity Analyst

We recruit new college graduates who have no experience to occupy entry-level roles in cybersecurity, IT audit, and digital forensics. Find and get the best cyber security jobs for beginners in United.

When there is a need for a particular skill, we provide customized training for candidates who need that skill training to qualify them for entry-level positions.

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