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Best Staffing Recruitment Companies in United States 2021

Best Staffing Recruitment Company 2021-22 - Staffing Firms @CWF-365


Who We Are

A-One-of-a-kind Cybersecurity Recruitment and Talent Development Program. We are a cybersecurity workforce development and recruitment agency specializing in recruiting and supplying highly skilled people for cybersecurity and IT Audit positions.

Besides our one-of-a-kind talent development program, we provide an exceptional workforce development program that enables organizations to control their talent pipeline better.  Best 2021 Staffing Recruitment Companies in the United States | CWF-365

best staffing company in united states 2021


To create the world’s most diverse and dynamic community of highly skilled and creative technology pioneers who can make a difference in the cybersecurity industry.


To create a community of professionals where individuals can grow in knowledge, skills, and abilities to reach their potential as cybersecurity practitioners.


We provide an environment of respect, care, and hard work. Our learners and recruits are very ambitious and always look for opportunities to make a difference.

best recruitment companies in united states 2021

What We Do

We specialize in the recruitment and supply of highly skilled cybersecurity analysts and IT auditors.


We provide recruiting services for small businesses, Fortune 500s, and state and federal government agencies. Our services include cybersecurity workforce planning, cyber upskill and training consulting, and cybersecurity recruitment across the globe


Our job is to screen, network, and build solid relationships with professionals just like you. Apply to a role below, or submit your resume for general submission. We call everyone back. We want to learn more about you, what you’re doing and where you want to go!

Our recruits work on the most challenging and rewarding security operations and assessments projects for leading companies in the industry, academia, and government organizations. We put our clients and our recruits ahead in the industry.

Empowering the Next Gen of Cyber workforce

CWF-365 is about developing unique cybersecurity talents. The propelling force behind our work is to empower the next generation of the security workforce.

best recruitment companies in united states 2021
best staffing companies in united states 2021

Raising the Next Gen of Cyber Workforce

Our client and candidates' best interest comes first, and our values and professional ethics guide everything we do. We are creating a community and opportunities in the cybersecurity industry.

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